Winter 100

Winter 100 is a program from Preservation Parks that encouraged participants to get outside during the winter months to promote physical and mental health. The goal was to walk either 100 miles or 100 kilometers between January and March.

The education team started out by creating a program outline, detailing the process and goals for the Winter 100 program. The design team then started working on a program logo that aligned with our existing branding. I created different program logo ideas that could be placed next to the park logo.

After receiving feedback from the other designers and education team, as well as a few edits, we decided on the final logo. We could then move forward with creating other media to promote the program to the public.

The design team created media that included yard signs to be placed in our 8 parks, flyers to hang in local businesses, and social media posts. The program was a big success and over 1300 people registered within the first month.

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