PPDC Logo Rollout

After much research and discussion, Preservation Parks of Delaware County decided to rebrand and worked with a freelance designer to create a new logo. I was hired after this and was able to aid in the new logo rollout.


Our design team received an artwork kit from the designer we worked with. He gave us brand guidelines to follow, which we kept in mind as we applied the new logo to digital and print media. Some of the first applications were on the park website and social media accounts. We worked as a team to apply the logo and give feedback to each other.

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 11.55.12 AM.pn
front view.jpg
Mock Up
cruiser back colors.jpg
Mock Up

Once we announced the logo to the public, we were able to start applying it in our regular park operations. I created mock ups of decals for the park vehicles, starting with the park police cruisers.

cruiser side2.jpg
Mock Up
police .jpg
Final Product

After working with the decal company on the police cruisers, our design team was able to continue applying the new logo to the other park vehicles. I had the opportunity to create the mock ups for these as well. Our staff has not made a final decision on the design, so the decals have not been applied the the vehicles yet.

ops truck back 2.jpg
ops truck decal 3.jpg
Ford Fusion side.jpg
Ford Fusion back copy.jpg

So far, the last part of the rollout our team has been able to put out is the signage for Covid-19 response and yard signs for special programs such as Winter Letterbox and Winter 100. I created the sign for Winter 100 and had input on the other signage.

IMG_2356 6.20.37 PM.jpg
IMG_2358 6.20.37 PM.jpg
IMG_2355 2.jpg
IMG_2357 6.20.37 PM.jpg