killer plan board game

I created a board game based on true stories of famous serial killer. The player has to collect the items to complete the murder plan to win the game.

I started this project in a group of 5 people. We created game mechanics based on several other board games. We knew we wanted a fairly simple goal, which was to build something. From there we came up with the different colored tiles and types of cards. We then listed out the rules in a generic way that could apply to any theme. We were then given a list of about 10 themes that we could apply to our game mechanics. I chose “True Crime” and came up with the name “Killer Plan.” I applied this theme to our group’s game mechanics.

I researched different serial killer and read about what materials they used in their murders. These became the character cards and the items each player had to collect. I also created item cards based off the materials all the serial killers used.

The action cards helped to move the game along. Each action is related to the murders or the police investigation. I chose to draw scribbles on this deck and the item cards because the game is supposed to be chaotic and suspenseful. These markings create a feeling of being rushed and not knowing what’s going to happen next

The final product includes the game board, character cards, item cards, action cards, mini game cards, dice, game pieces, and instructions. I chose to keep the design dark and have a feeling of mystery and suspense.

© 2020 by Claire Saniel-Banrey