This project was creating a mock arts center call Center of Art and Technology where people can explore technology through a creative lens. Includes a dynamic logo, brochure, and magazine ads.

center of art & design

I started out by creating mood boards of brands similar to what I was creating as well as what I wanted my brand to look like. I also looked into topics relating to my brand such as virtual reality, creativity, digital art, and technology.

I then decided on the name of my brand which ended up being the Center of Art and Technology. I sketched and iterated different type based logos and imagery based logos.

The final logo became a dynamic logo with the "O" changing to different abstract imagery depending on the context in which it is placed.

The brochure would be available at the entrance and would explain the different ideals of COAT, which are Art, Technology, Experience, and Innovation.

I also created three magazine advertisements highlighting various exhibits and how people would interact with them. 

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