glacier ridge metro park marketing

I decided to create a marketing campaign for the Glacier Ridge Metro Park to highlight the many activities the park has to offer within the surrounding community. I choose three different mediums to promote the park: a billboard, a poster, and a social media series. 


This project originally started as a letterpress poster. I drew inspiration from other letterpress posters, as well as national park posters. I knew I wanted to incorporate the natural imagery with bold type and a visual hierarchy.

I went to Glacier Ridge Park and took many pictures of the nature, but also the signage and different activities it offered. Some I took interest in were the solar and wind power education area, the obstacle course, and the various signs along the trails that informed visitors about the land.


Each of these platforms reaches a wide audience in the surrounding areas. The billboard would be next to OH 33, a major highway that runs near Glacier Ridge and would potentially draw in people. The poster would be hung up at the 4 different schools in the area as well as neighborhood club houses to attract families and children. And finally, the social media series would be targeted towards people who may already follow the park, but this would inform them of special events or aspects of the park that not everyone may know about. 

I first added a theme word that would tie all three elements together; this became “Discover”. I chose a blue and orange color scheme to create a more natural, yet bold and attention grabbing design. I also added the Metro Parks logo to brand each item.


The Instagram post was inspired by the informational signs along the trails. They would also include photography submitted park visitors, which might encourage more community engagement.

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