Snapple coconut water

I added coconut water to the Snapple line of drinks. They generally cater to a younger generation and I thought including a healthier option that is recommended for after exercise would expand their consumer base.

Coconut water generally comes in a cardboard bottle with a triangle based fold. I decided to continue with this shape of bottle for Snapple's take on the drink. To learn what the die line looked like, I deconstructed an existing coconut water bottle. I measured each cut and fold then drew those shapes into Adobe Illustrator. I then continued to add the design on top.

Snapple is well known for their design asthetic. I kept the gradient background and traditional sunshine logo, along with their slogan "Made from the best stuff on Earth." They also tend to add fun sayings and facts on the bottles, which I added on the big logo "Go Coconutss!" and the Snapple Fact. Each flavor also has a short story that personifies the drink. I included this description and decided to call this personification Coco.

After finishing the design and correcting the die line, I printed the final product on thick cardstock. I cut out according to the cut lines and scored the fold lines. I glued the package together and added a cap from the original bottle I deconstructed.

© 2020 by Claire Saniel-Banrey