Fact or fiction

The Fact or Fiction program was created by the Preservation Parks education team. The goal was to create an interactive activity for park visitors as they walked the trails in our 8 parks throughout Delaware County. 

I worked with one of the education team members to decide on how many signs we wanted and the written content that would go on each sign. I created basic designs that could be applied to all the signs and received feedback.

We made a decision on which design we wanted to move forward with and I added the written content to each of the signs. I used existing icons in our branding that related to each statement. We didn't have existing icons for each topic, so I created six new icons that matched our branding.

There were ten different signs in total and we had three copies of these signs printed and distributed throughout our parks for visitors to enjoys while they hike.

© 2020 by Claire Saniel-Banrey